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SWEEETT --- car owner beats parking ticket rap

STEPHANIE RICE, Columbian staff writer
July 10, 2005; Page a1
Section: Front Page
Article ID: 2005191002 -- 801 words

The dog ate my homework.

My grandmother died ... again. You can't prove that's my Lexus.

That third defense might not be a classic, but unlike the other two, it works.

Or at least it ultimately got a Vancouver resident out of a $250 parking ticket.

Through an attorney, Tammy L. Kitterman, 41, successfully appealed her citation for partially blocking a disabled person's access aisle with her sports car. She took her case to Clark County Superior Court after losing in District Court, and her win means the city may have to take extra steps to prove ownership when tickets are contested.

On July 1, Judge Robert Lewis took a break from his usual does of felony criminal cases to consider Kitterman's ticket.

Specifically, Assistant City Attorney Jeff Riback and the defense attorney Bill Montecucco wanted Lewis to settle one thing: Whether the city's computer printout showing the name and address of a vehicle's registered owner can be accepted at face value.

No, Lewis said.