Bill Montecucco Attorney at Law



Traffic Infractions

  •      Clackamas County - $400 flat fee to plead/negotiate; $650 flat fee to proceed to trial
  •      Clark County : Camas/Battleground - $400 flat fee
  •      Clark County : Vancouver - $200 flat fee
  •      Multnomah County - $300 flat fee to plead/negotiate; or $550 flat fee to attend trial
  •      Washington County - $400 flat fee to plead/negotiate; or $650 flat fee to attend trial

Traffic infractions in Clark County, Washington and Clackamas/Multnomah/Washington County, Oregon are handled for a flat fee, depending on where the ticket was received.  Traffic infractions in other counties are handled on a case by case basis only.

Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are handled on a contingent basis. 

General Law

Real estate, criminal defense, wills, vacating criminal records, restoration of gun rights, civil litigation, contracts, collections and business are handled on an hourly basis at $200 per hour.